Dinner with Dean Elmore?!: Priceless

21 01 2010

Holler to all our future volunteers!

Thanks to everyone who came to the info fair! It was great to see everyone’s excitement about Greenville.

We have had some MAYJAH developments in the past week.

Item 1:


For one night during the week, we will be going to eat dinner with Dean Elmore’s family a few hours away from Greenville. This is a once in a lifetime experience you won’t want to miss out on! Amazing BBQ will be served. (and don’t worry if you’re a vegetarian, there will be something for you to eat too!)

secret agent Dean Elmore


Item 2:

Ellis from Central Community Ministries confirmed what we will be doing for our  week of service! During the morning, half of the group will go to a soup kitchen (no waiter experience required) and the other half will go work on a remodeling project (no construction experience required). For the afternoon, we will work with the Frazee Dream Center with their after school program where we will be shaping young children’s lives. Matt and Jenny Reeves of the Frazee  Dream Center will also have us over for dinner one night to their home.

We will have a wide variety of volunteer work, all while having fun and making a difference!!!

Item 3:

Day off shenanigans (not really, but kind of).

Do you love Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams? Did the Notebook make you cry? Are you a hopeless romantic? Do you love scenic southern plantations? If you answered yes to any of the above questions (or even if you didn’t) then start to get excited!! The filming location for The Notebook is a short drive away from Greenville in Charleston, SC! Relive the love and the magic with the true loves of your life, your fellow asb volunteers!!

Music update:

We’ll be close to you you’re like our mother, close to you you’re like our father, close to you you’re like our sister close to you you’re like our brother.

And don’t forget registration: January 31, 8:00 AM ONLINE!! Be sure to get on early as our amazing, once in a lifetime trip is sure to go soon!

xoxo j and a