Your co-cos in 30 seconds or less!

1 12 2009

The lucky winners of the co-co positions for Greenville, South Carolina are……(drum roll)….Anjali Patel and Julie Frey! (roar of applause and cheers).

Anjali Patel is a Junior in SMG and is from the Arlington, Massachusetts. She loves Thai food, finds grocery shopping relaxing, and plays broomball. Watch out for her killer moves on the ice!

Julie Frey is  a Junior is COM and CAS majoring in public relations and psychology. She is from the amazing midwest state of Kansas. (Yes, I’ve met Dorthy and the Wicked Witch of the West). She loves Oprah, drinks a liter of diet pop every day (yes she says pop-not soda or coke), and owns a pair of glow in the dark feetie pajamas.

We are sooo excited to be venturing down south to Greenville, South Carolina! We hope you will join us on our epic volunteering adventure down south and get the opportunity to join in on 90s music jam sessions, intense bonding time in our 12 person van, and a peak at Julie’s feetie pajamas. Follow us as we blog about our trip’s development and to learn more about our destination!

And each week look for a music update of a great song that we will be jamming out to on the way down and could potentially become our week’s theme song!

Music Update:

You will believe in life after love after experiencing a week with us!

xoxo gossip girl (aka j and a)

Your potential co-cos!